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What is STLAR about?

Saint Louis Area Riders (STLAR) is an organized group of like-minded motorcyclists in the greater Saint Louis region. The group's goal is to promote a safe, fun, and consistent riding environment for riders of all skill levels. This is accomplished through a variety of venues including weekly-organized rides, local and regional track events, and garage/maintenance sessions.The STLAR group believes in wearing proper gear and encourages all riders to practice safe street riding techniques regardless of riding style.

Why should I join STLAR?

First and foremost, members of STLAR are a diverse and knowledgeable group of motorcyclists that know each other personally and have respect for each other on and off the road. The comradeship of this group is the primary reason people want to join the STLAR club.

In addition to monthly meetings, the club sponsors and organizes a lot of activities that motorcycle riders of all types might be interested in.

Do I have to become a member to hang out with the STLAR club?

We enjoy riding with and meeting new people that respect our group riding style. However, non-members will not have access to the private forums or the other benefits of club membership.


  •   A back-road racing club?
  •   A track day/racing club?
  •   A stunt club?

No to all. We do have members that consistently take part in track days and we have a few beginning/amateur racers. However, our members also include those that just like the nice-and-easy Sunday cruises, longer distance touring and riding dirtbikes and ATV's. Most STLAR members ride sportbikes, but we appeciate the cruisers out there too. Most of them anyways. STLAR does not condone back-road racing. STLAR is not an anti-stunt club. Most of us like to watch stunts and a few members practice them. However, the group believes stunting should be done in a controlled and safe environment, and not near other riders while riding on public roads.

Who started STLAR? How is it organized?

The official club was started in early 2003 by a few friends that liked to ride and it grew very quickly, especially after the addition of a public Internet forum. The club incorporated into an official entity early in 2004. Club decisions and other official club activities are handled by appointed director-members. Two new directors joined by a senior director continue to lead the club through the 2009 season and look forward to 2010 and better economic times while assuring that STLAR continues to grow.

How do I become a member?

Show up to some of our rides. Talk to us. You can see our official rides posted in the forums. We also provide an "unofficial rides" forum topic as a service to the public. And if you have any questions before then, we have a public forum titled "Comments & Questions for STLAR". Feel free to post up or send an email to administrator@stlar.com. Basically though, we want to know you and we want you to know us before you become a member.

What exactly does the "R" in STLAR stand for?

Don't you have something better to do? ;) Originally it was "Rides" because at that time, the directors felt the club was more about the rides than the riders. It has since changed to mean "Riders" because the club has cultivated friendships that extend far beyond the realm of motorcycling, meaning it's more about the riders themselves now.

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